About Bar Arrow Cattle Company

The Jarvis family has been in Northern Phillips County since the late 1800s.

E.L. Jarvis traveled from Missouri to homestead in Phillips County, and Jarvis’ have been on the land raising livestock and farming ever since.

Stuart turned to the seedstock industry in 1981. He was inspired during his collegiate judging career at Colby Community College when working out at multiple seedstock operations throughout the country.

One of the most stand out operations for Stuart was the Baldridge place. Once learning that the Baldridge operation entered into the Gelbvieh seedstock business, Stuart decided that Gelbvieh would be his continental breed of choice as well. To start on the production sale side of the industry, Stuart partnered with a high school classmate and a cousin to form Golden Genetic Breeders. The partnership had 14 successful production sales together. Forty years later, Bar Arrow Cattle Company is still making a living selling and raising Gelbvieh cattle.

In 1994 after having a tremendous production sale, Stuart was told by an American Gelbvieh Association Marketing Director that if he was going to continue to be successful in the bull selling business the key would be to collect data from the customers of how the steers worked in the feed lot. From this moment on, Bar Arrow Cattle Company shifted gears to focus on breeding bulls that would work for the commercial calf feeder over seedstock breeders.

At the time, Bar Arrow Cattle Company had a large commercial herd, so they were able to feed and retain ownership to see the data on the steers. This also led Bar Arrow Cattle Company into being one of the founding members of US Premium Beef.

The philosophy at Bar Arrow Cattle Company is to continue to work on carcass and maternal traits to improve not only their own herd located in northern Phillips County Kansas but to improve the entire Gelbvieh breed and continue to be advocates throughout the nation for Gelbvieh.

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